PJCC Tai Chi

Standing Meditation

Standing meditation is very important for aligning the body posture and preparing for Tai Chi movement.

Grandmaster Cai Song Fang (one of Tony's teachers) says to align three points and then focus awareness:

  1. Midpoint of line joining arches in feet (acupuncture point: Yong Quan)
  2. Perineum (point between anus and genitals)
  3. Top of the Head (acupuncture point: Bai Hui)
  4. (the hard part) Keep your attention for a long period of time at your dan tian.

Using a Grounding or Earthing Mat

Grounding yourself electrically (called Earthing) sounds like a bullshit idea, but my voltmeter shows it reduces my voltage from 3 to .3 volts when standing on it. You can buy cheaper ones (this one is $60 from Amazon), but it reduces anxiety energy while standing and gets you to a flow state quicker than without it.

Dr. Mercola Universal Earthing Mat at Amazon.com

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