PJCC Tai Chi

Master Anthony Wong's Thoughts (Class Notes)

San Mateo, Saturday, 2017-08-12

When doing the silkreeling drills, focus on the joints closing, and then opening with the body expanding.

Take this method into your tai chi form postures.

Don't loose your rooted feet feeling. Also, extend the spine more straight, and relax it, and sink the energy down.

San Mateo, Saturday, 2017-11-25

When punching, don't let the rear qua and knee turn inward. Keep the qua open when turning the waist to shoot the fist forward.

The whole body works as a unit.

San Mateo, Saturday, 2018-01-20

After each tai chi posture, and even the beginning wu-ji posture, I was taking time to sink into and relax the perineum (BETWEEN the legs). But Master Wong said, sink into the kua (muscle band around upper leg near hip joint) at the LEFT leg and the RIGHT leg.

San Mateo, Saturday, 2018-07-29

Some basic energies to include in your form are spiraling, sinking-then-issuing, and closing-then-opening. Video on Practicing Some Basic Energies.

San Mateo, Saturday, 2018-08-04

When the leg goes down, you feel the earth return a force back up your leg.

Try to feel the back.

Start all rotations with the dan tian.

San Mateo, Saturday, 2019-05-18

Do some advanced planning positioning the feet at the end of one posture to be ready for the beginning of the next posture.

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